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Maarder - ViBe (original score). Shannon Fitzhenry, violin and Jianze Zhang, double bass.
Maarder - Chopin's Heart (original score). Jennifer Nicole Campbell, piano.
Maarder - "Lights". Pei Lu, cello and Teodora Adzharova, piano.
Diana's Dream. Music by Mark Maarder.
Maarder - Contemplation in White
Maarder - Contemplation in Red
Maarder - ViBe for Violin and Bass. Performed by Shannon Fitzhenry and Jianze Zhang.
Maarder - Etude II in C minor, "Montmorency". Rieko Tsuchida, piano.
Lyrical piano ballad - Mark Maarder - Elegy
Maarder - Contemplation for Strings
Maarder - Nocturne in A minor, "Chopin's Heart". Jennifer Nicole Campbell, piano.
Maarder - Sonata for Two Pianos. Ani & Nia Sulkhanishvili.
Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili - Maarder: Andante and Toccata in C Sharp Minor
Maarder - Etude in A minor, "Storm". Jennifer Nicole Campbell, piano.
Excerpts from all three movements of my Sonata for Two Pianos played beautifully by Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili. Please check out the complete performance under the tab "Videos". Enjoy!
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Forceful chords give way to lyrical legato passages in Rieko Tsuchida's masterful rendition of my Etude in C minor, "Montmorency". Receive a free download of this piece simply by joining my mailing list at Enjoy!
One of the more lyrical moments of my Sonata for Two Pianos, in this beautifully expressive performance by Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili. 
Watch the complete video and subscribe to my YouTube channel at
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The finale of my Etude I in A minor, "Storm". Watch the complete masterful performance by Jennifer Nicole Campbell, Pianist and Composer on my YouTube channel, and subscribe to be the first to see my new videos:
Sonata for Two Pianos, 1st Movement
Etude Finale
Nocturne (Allegro)
Cello Solo
Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili's outstanding performance of my Sonata for Two Pianos (excerpt, 2nd Movement). If you haven't yet seen the full recording, please visit my YouTube channel at Don't forget to subscribe!
Rieko Tsuchida's intricate dynamics on the high notes in this short passage from my Etude II in C minor. You can watch the complete piece at
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In the Tempo Di Valse part of my "Chopin's Heart" Nocturne I tried to bring out the lighter side of the composer's music, writing it in the style and spirit of his waltzes. Did I succeed? Let me know!
Check out the full piece, performed beautifully b
1st Cello Solo
Sonata Scherzo
Rieko's perfectly executed powerful chords in my Etude II in C minor, "Montmorency". Check out to see the whole performance. Enjoy!
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Friends,  you can listen to my Nocturne in A minor (Chopin's Heart) this Sunday at 6 p.m. EDT on WBJC, Maryland's Classical Music Station. Tune in to "Toccata with Mark Malinowski" on 91.5 FM or go to to hear the beautifully expressive p
Eleven talented young musicians play my Contemplation for Strings (finale, excerpt). Have you seen the complete performance? Watch it at Enjoy!
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Ani and Nia Sulkhanishvili's virtuoso technique and remarkable musicality in the finale of my Sonata for Two Pianos. Watch the complete performance at, and  let me know what you think!
One of many moments showcasing Rieko's perfect technique, here in my Etude in E minor, "Montmorency". Have you seen the complete performance? Please visit and check it out!
Etude I in A minor, "Storm"